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tv   The War Room With Jennifer Granholm  Current  March 14, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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be in order. that's next on "the war room." >> yesterday mitt romney said that he would get rid of planned
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parenthood but he did walk those comments back somewhat last night. as for whether he'd get rid of rush limbaugh, romney health been quite as outspoken on that issue, but a new poll show that the majority of americans think rush should go. 53% think he should be fired for his comments which led to a national outcry, this after representative jackie spear took to the house floor to call on women to take action. >> >> mr. speaker i rise this morning to say to r.b.i. limbaugh shame on you. shame on you for being the hate monger that you are, so i say to the women in this country do something about this. i say to the women of this country, ask century 21, quicken loans, legal zoom and sleep
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number to stop supporting the hate mongering of r.b.i. limbaugh and if they do not do that, then i ask them to boycott those companies. >> well, since that powerful statement, 142 advertisers, including the ones that she mentioned have dropped rush, and he meanwhile keeps digging himself deeper like the statement today: >> here's hoping his program doesn't last another year. joining me now inside the war room is representative jackie spear, the california democratic who last week was named one of the 150 women who shape the world. thank you so much for being here, for gracing us with your presence. >> great to be here. i'm so glad you are doing this. >> i'm glad you are doing this.
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142 sponsors dropped. that's really something. >> it speaks to the viral nature of the movements today. i'm not the only one who spoke up. move on and so many other organizations spoke up and south that have these various sponsors leave. >> the armed forces network also dropped. >> that's interesting. i called secretary panetta after i heard that they were offering that show, and we ended up not ever connecting, but i'm glad. >> i'm glad that senator carl evan was a big push on that, as well. we've got two advertisers who are left, as far as the research that we could tell through media matters, they've been great about keeping up on this. leer financial, the golden silver people and life lock. why are you two left? that's what i want to know.
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so, i'm curious about your opinion on the strategy of going after advertisers. seems to have worked. >> i think it's not unusual. i think it's happened many times before, and it is, it all comes down to money in the end. we all know that. in politics, it all comes down to money. as much as he is blowing smoke about his 18,000 sponsors lining up to be a sponsor on his show. he's had a lot of public service announcements over the last few weeks. i think. >> it was an effective strategy, so a lot of people have been saying why don't democrats do the same thing for bill maher. >> what he said was just as inappropriate. i would say that had he said that in this time frame i probably would have called him out on the house floor. the difference, however is that sandra fluke was not a public
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person and sarah palin is a. public person. we're accustomed to having names thrown our way but none the less, i think public discourse has got to change. we've got to have a simplicity in our engagement. >> it makes me very uncomfortable. i know bill maher is an entertainer. it makes me uncomfortable that the discourse has gotten so crass. it's one thing to be funny about it but you can be funny without using those terms at least in my humble opinion. david axelrod was scheduled to go on bill maher and decided not to go. do you think that that may -- that there may be some behind the scenes conversations that are started or do you think that bill maher having apologized and having stood up for rush
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limbaugh's right to free speech is an eequivalent reason for people to back off of him. >> there's a difference between free speech and the kind of vitriol that they were both engaging in. it's interesting that it's always at women. >> yeah. what do you think needs to happen to stop? i mean there's a legislative war on women across the country. what needs to happen? >> i think women have to speak up. i grew up in a generation where we were contraceptive was a huge win, and now to see the effort to roll back what we gained, to turn the clock back is really frightening. >> i can't believe we still have to talk about this. i mean. >> i know. it's a half a century. we have had this benefit for half a century. for young women it's really
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important for them to stand up and speak out and i'm going to be. >> and run for office. >> and run for office. >> i'm constantly telling women to run for office. i so appreciate you coming into the war room. hopefully you'll be able to come back. i know you represent this general that vicinity. glad to be able to have you join us. >> coming up, afghanistan is becoming a difficult issue for the obama administration, but too often our veterans returning home from war are not getting the help they need. what's not being done and how we can fix it. we'll be right back. going to be going to your house. >>got a cool idea of your own? enter it now at four finalist will have the chance to pitch their idea to one winner may see their invention idea brought to life.
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>> both david and i understand how difficult this mission is because we met with families whose sons or daughters or husbands or wives made the ultimate sacrifice.
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we visit our wounded warriors and we understand the sacrifices that they've made, but as i indicated, we have made progress. we're seeing an afghan national security force that is getting stronger and morrow but the and exhale of operating on its own. >> that was president obama today announcing that u.s. and great britain will stay in afghanistan until 2014 as planned despite the rising tensions in the region. it's really the most difficult calculation the president has to make weighing the cost of leaving a difficult war against the cost of staying. of course, there are the physical costs, one in five service members come home with a traumatic brain injury, one in five, then there are the other costs, the silent costs of caring for returning veterans. we'll likely spent nearly as much on veterans medical care in the next half century as we did in all wars in the last 10
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years, roughly a trillion dollars according to economist joseph spiedlich. >> the president is doing what he can but there is no long term man dated funding for veteran care in the coming decades. the republicans are now proposing drastic changes. mitt romney wants to privatize the v.a., leaving their whole care to the whims of the free market. that is the wrong solution, but we do need to come up with the right one soon. joining me is the deputy director or iraq and veterans of america. thank you for joining me in the war room. you heard what the president said today about staying with the mission until 2014. what is the conversation like among veterans? >> ultimately, this is a
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tactical decision, a decision that's going to be made by policy makers. among veterans and certainly troops, it's about the mission in front of them, about what's happening to the left and the right with their buddies. interns of the veterans community, it needs to be a prolonged conversation about can we maintain the high level of care that we're giving to veterans right now and can we do that not just in a tight fiscal climate but when the majority of peel in this country have never served in uniform. there is a huge divide between the military community and civilian community and becoming increasingly harder to make that the men and women who served in uniform are cared for when theft americans don't have any connection to the war. >> there's been a lot of discussion this past week about traumatic brain injury in light of what happened in the afghanistan and the soldier in the discussion about whether his injury had contributed to that. we don't know anything about that, but with respect to the soldiers, can you describe for
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those who don't have loved ones overseas and aren't familiar with it, how does a soldier get a traumatic brain injury over in afghanistan or iraq? >> right, and this is a fairly new injury. this is largely due to some good news is that people are surviving. the survival rate on the battlefield is extremely high. the second and third order effect is that you have concussive injuries. people who have been near explosives several times or near one or two big ones tend to have injuries to their brain. they don't tend to manifest right away. this has been a fairly new problem for the veterans community to ham. it's very difficult when we have a medical system that's set up to deal in triage injuries that happen at the point of contact or right away and now have to deal with injuries that may not show up for six months to almost a year after they get back or what's even more dangerous people don't understand what these injuries are or what's
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happening to them, because we don't as a country know very much about these injuries. >> so you've got the brain injury from actual i.e.d.'s or explosive devices and then you've got post traumatic stress disorder, which is another kind of wound a wound that is difficult to heal. on the actual physical injuries, is the armor not good enough or it's getting better and that's why people are lasting longer, but what's the treatment on the backside? two questions there. >> right. it's something we're trying to figure out right now. to their credit, the democratic of veterans affairs and department of defense have really been proactive in the last four or five years trying to figure out not just how to identify these injuries, screening before deployment and after deployment and continuously throughout readjustment cycle but new and interesting ways to treat them. the weird thing about brain
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injuries is it's not like a gunshot wound but like a gunshot wound, it is a physical wound and can be treated. you have to figure out what is effective with that veteran. that's why it's so criticalle that we maintain this high level of research for the department of veteran affairs to do all the comprehensive care for veterans who are going to need care for years after they return home. >> when you combine that with post traumatic stress disorder, you are talking about potentially a need for care that is very, very long term. this is what others have testified about is the cost to america for caring for our veterans when they come home. we send them there we they come home, we should care for hem that's our duty to them the same way they had a duty to our nation but too haring to those who have testified it's going to cost up to $1 trillion to care for our vets. the question to you is is that
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realistic and how can we get support for caring for those vets? >> well, first of all it doesn't have to be long terminal. the reason a lot of these injuries develop into long term conditions is because there's a terrible stigma with seeking help with invisible injuries with mental health wounds. i tell service members if you got shot, you wouldn't walk around with a bullet wound in your chest. you'd go get it fixed. right now there's a terrible stigma in seeking care. we've been championing pre and post deployment screenings and everybody who comes back from iraq and afghanistan gets screened but the sad reality is a lot of people have fallen through the cracks and it is going to take a long term effort. the question is it shouldn't be can we sustain it or support that. it's not a question. we have to. we have a moral and legal obligation to these people to take care of these men and women
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who fought for our country. >> mitt romney and others have proposed privatizing the v.a. is that something that can work? >> no, actually and this is pretty much everybody across party lines across all idealogies that knows how the system works understands that that would be an absolute disaster for two reasons. first, there would be a lack of continuity of care. one thing we've gotten right in the last years is figuring out how to do that hand off of care from the department of defense to the department of veteran affairs. it's still a little bumpy, but by and large the treatment's pretty good. there are a lot of injuries that veterans suffer that simply aren't addressed with in the private health care system. prosthetics are not very profitable and research on that and traumatic brain injury isn't a part of the for-profit health care system. without v.a. research, we would be so far behind in our medical knowledge and medical care for
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the entire country that we have to make sure that we support and sustain the system that we have now. >> well, tom, thank you for your service, thank you for what you're doing advocating on the part of our veterans. that is tom tarantino. coming up, it's back out to the campaign front and our political posse. independents are sure to play a big part in 2012 elections. we will tackle that next. stick around. lowered wages for union and non-union workers too. i wonder why they do that. i wonder if it has to do with campaign donations from incredibly rich people. >> thank you so much for joining
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[ roars ] not my style, man. [ male announcer ] master your style... even trimming, a close shave and accurate edging... with the new gillette fusion proglide styler. every inch of hair needs to be on point. ♪ ♪ >> welcome back to the war room. so glad to have you guys back. there was a bloomberg poll out today and that poll has romney leading obama among independents 49-41. chris, how worried should the
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obama camp be? >> no matter how this stuff plays out, it's going to be a very, very close election. the polls show that the president has a very thin margin of error combat prices go up, poll numbers move. that's going to play out in this election. >> listen to what romney said on the campaign trail today in response to hearing this news about the bloomberg poll. >> president obama has convinced us we've got to get him out of office and the key will be to get the independent voters, hispanic voters, women voters to support us, as well. >> what is the likelihood of him getting women and hispanics after he's behaved over the course of this campaign so far? >> it is unimaginable that mitt romney will attract the hispanic vote. he has as much of a chance of winning the ncaa championship as he does have winning that vote.
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when you get back to the broader question of swing voters, there are soccer moms, nascar dads and drivers. soccer moms are voting for obama. economically upscale socially moderate helping move those soccer moms to the obama camp. nascar dads, neither romney nor obama knows how to talk to them. >> romney knows the owners. >> joe biden, the national ambassador of nascar. the third swing group are drivers. what's driving them right now are the people seeing the price at gas stakession and getting worried. when voters get worried the drivers have to deal with it. >> the latino piece is changing
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in virginia, colorado, nevada those are all states despite the independent movement, those same polls across the board are showing very competitive states which means the electoral mass changes. >> those are people that are energized because they're feeling attacked and their numbers might come out disproportionately. >> let me ask. it seems to me that that is the obama campaigns primary challenge is not so much convincing latino voters and young voters to vote democratic but to vote and turn out in november. >> that's exactly right. no matter what state your looking at, 70% based on polls out there, the issue is not the percentage, look at the turnout particularly in places like north carolina, virginia. >> so the question is if gas
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prices are high and people blame the president, if he is demonstrating that he's out there every day trying, maybe he releases some of the strategic oil reserve maybe do that bernie sanders was suggesting, calls the commodity futures trading commission and gets owl over them, sends out the attorney general to make sure there's no gouging people see activity but still don't feel it at the pump, how many points is that worth? >> that would have to be contextualized in the broader economy. if there are jobs being created the economy moving forward, that's the type of situation he's strong in november. if the slightest blip, that's why the margin is very thin, you can see the numbers move very quickly. >> the romney campaign released a list of some of the songs that he likes to kick back and listen to: a big tilt toward country.
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>> based on his play list, he is clearly running for the republican nomination in 1976. thanks so much gentlemen for joining us. >> up next, the gop presidential herd shows no sign of thinning. >> coming up, is social security the third rail of politics, then newt gingrich is definitely the third wheel. don't go away. calls out the mainstream media. >>the rest of the media seams like, "oh, ho-hum, no big deal." >>we have no choice, we've lost our democracy here. >>just refreshing to hear.
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>>no other television show does that, we're keeping it real. >>brought to you by the 2012 fiat 500. visit
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>> newt gingrich is like a sharpie, bold, makes a stink and there's no getting rid of him without industrial grade chemicals. with a desperate plea that newt erase himself from the ballot, shh, brett's talking now. >> newt, you lost in alabama and mississippi. please pack your knives and go. >> we're going to leave alabama and mississippi with a substantial number of delegates increasing our total going towards tampa. >> no, newt, you have to go, you lost must-win states to this guy. >> i do have concerns about women in front line combat. that can be a very compromising situation. >> a guy who said diversity creates conflict. if we celebrate divorce city, then we lay the groundwork for that conflict. >> imagine a world without
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diverse city? the cereal aisle would look different. >> you can't claim credit for votes someone else got. that's like between us and the giants, we scored all the points, we should get a trophy, too. >> we have wisconsin, which is mrs. gingrich's home state. >> so one of the main reasons you're staying in the race is because in two weeks they vote in your candidate's third wife's home state. i think we're grasping at straws here. do they even like her there? you realize when they wear these yellow things on their head, it's a tribute to cheese, not her. i'm the only one that wears
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